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If it is not fun, and we are not rewarded physiologically and psychologically, we are just not going to do it

Your Health and Fitness decisions should be based on scientific fact – not on another fad, quick fix scheme – there are no quick fixes. Paradigm shift. Focus on living a healthy lifestyle – let’s make our goal to stave off the many chronic illnesses that are plaguing our world -and all the other aesthetic goals will happen:

Exercise Nutrition for disease recovery Healthy Lifestyle Torontofat loss

look  & feel younger

more energy

Far to often we focus on the outer exterior, not realizing we are not necessarily doing what is best for the inner beauty to shine through, actually ageing us. Our best health emanates from our inner being, our cell-being,  and is a much more powerful way to attain sustainable, long term health.

Shira Litwack BestHealth Medical Exercise Specialist
Shira Litwack – Proud Creator of Thousands of Health Enthusiasts and Corporate Health Cultures Worldwide

Best in Health Radio was created by Shira Litwack, Medical Fitness Professional and in January 2015 voted Industry Expert Cancer Exercise. The goal is to take the fads  & facades out of fitness, and bring you the true whys, wheres, hows…..of health & fitness. We continue to assemble a brilliant cast of scientists & researchers who dedicate their lives to disease prevention & management. Just click on the showpages  & listen!  Much of what you read in the media is sensationalized & dissected beyond recognition of the original scientific reality.

The more you listen & read, you realize just how much of your health’s destiny is fully within your power. We strive to uncomplicate health, and through our programs, guide you through embracing  the real motivation of adopting a healthier lifestyle, not the superficialities.

Shira holds many health designations including:

  • BSc. Psychology & Chemistry
  • Health Coach
  • Medical Exercise Specialist

    Best Health Continuing education Cancer Exercise Training Institute Canada
    Cancer Exercise Training Institute
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • 18 exercise degrees & certifications
  • smoking cessation counsellor
For Your Best Health:

Personal Health Coach

 Professional Speaker Corporate Health Provider

Radio Personality & Production

Master Trainer  Director of International Relations  Cancer Exercise Training Institute

  • Author:

    Living a Life to Prevent Cancer

    Men’s Cancer Recovery with Exercise

Shira is a member with many American & Canadian health & fitness organizations, the Medical fitness Network & now the European Registry of Exercise Professionals.

And most of all……

Proud Creator of thousands of Health & Fitness enthusiasts world wide

Shira was voted Industry expert Cancer exercise January 2015.

Shira’s cancer exercise articles featured on Medical Fitness Network:


Here’s to the Best In Health to you and your loved ones!

Corporate Health: What an affordable way to make the world a healthier happier place.