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Sexual Health Urinary Health – Pelvic Floor

Sexual Health and Urinary Health – Pelvic Fitness

Men: Learn about your “netherlands” – command central for your sexual health…. with Dr. Andrew Siegel author of

Male Pelvic Fitness – Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health

The pelvic floor muscles – the “hidden jewels” of the pelvis that work diligently behind the scenes – are a vital partner to the male sexual organs, whose collaboration is an absolute must for optimal sexual functioning    …..

Dr. Andrew Siegel on Best In Health Radio Sexual health from the pelvic floor….Dr. Andrew Siegel,is a practicing physician and urological surgeon who is the author of:


Yes…Real Men Do Kegel Exercises for their sexual health too………

Major Highlights of our interview with Dr. Siegel:

  • Penis Size, the Physics & Physiology of an Erection
  • Male Sexual Health
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Getting into shape
  • Pelvic floor health  Pilates Kegel exercises for sexual performance
  • Pelvic floor muscle training for improving ejaculation and orgasm…Her Pleasure too!
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Pelvic floor training – levator ani muscle – not part of mirror musclesmale pelvic fitness Best In Health Radio
  • “My penis is shrinking!”
  • Ageing and keeping an erection
  • Post Void Dribbling
  • Bowel function
  • Viagra and other Medications for erectile dysfunction
  • 4 lines of treatment (hierarchy)  for erectile dysfunction
  • penile implants
  • Erectile Saboteurs…..tobacco, medications (blood pressure medications, anti depressants) alcohol. excess body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction and heart disease – The penis as the “Dangling Aorta”
  • Prostate health  PSA test, prostate surgery keeping sexual function
  • Kidney cancer…..being proactive finding kidney cancer
  • My Private Gym – specialized tool for strengthening Pelvic muscles…”Penis 90X”
  • Resistance program for the penis
  • medical penile vibratory stimulation device….building your erections “male vibrator”…prescribed for many forms of male sexual dysfunction
  • Pelvic Myalgia – Tension Myalgia, genital, urinary and rectal pain
  • Keeping Your Mojo….health sexual and urinary ageing



Shira Litwack Industry Expert Cancer Exercise
Shira Litwack Medical Fitness Professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Corporate wellness Provider Industry expert cancer exercise
Radio talk show host

Join us and learn from Dr. Andrew Siegel – always fun, entertaining and packed with learning. By respecting the pelvic floor, we can truly maximize enjoyment of life!

Learn more, read Dr. Siegel’s blog





Pelvic Floor Muscles: Female Sexual Health

A Celebration of Our Pelvic Floor Muscles …

Join us with Author Dr. Andrew Siegel, practicing physician and urological surgeon. After the incredible success of his book “Male Pelvic Fitness Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health” he has now completed  “The Kegel Fix”.  Learn how important our pelvic floor muscles are to our quality of life and pleasure.

Pelvic Floor Muscles the Kegel Fix author Andrew Siegel on Best In Health RadioWe exercise (hopefully!) but far too often ignore our pelvic floor muscles – which are truly our pleasure muscles in many ways.

The Pelvic Floor Muscles, also known as the Kegel muscles, are a hammock of muscles that form the underside of the pelvis. They are part of the core muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and holding the spine erect.

We engage in exercise for every other muscle group in the body. When properly and mindfully trained, the pelvic floor muscles can become toned and capable of supporting the pelvic anatomy and function.

Topics of Discussion with Dr. Siegel:
  • Pelvic floor muscles: The Kegel Fix author Andrew Siegel on Best in Health Radio
    “The Hood”

    His experience with patients as a surgical urologist

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse:  dropped bladder, vaginal deliveries, chronic constipation, harsh impact, excess abdominal fat…the many potential causes.
  • pelvic floor dysfunction
  • pelvic floor exercises, the hip rotators and hip exercises
  • kegel exercises
  • female sexual health, sexual pleasure, vaginal dryness, vaginal contractions, the female orgasm, loss of sex drive
  • Stress Urinary Incontinence, urine leakage, bladder control, leakage from sneezing and coughing
  • Overactive bladder…reduce urgency to urinate!
  • neurological issues with emptying the bladder
  • voiding the bladder,  urinary retention,  bedwetting
  • menopause
  • using a vibrator maintaining sexual and pelvic health
  • core muscles
  • Pelvic floor physiotherapy
  • pelvic pain  Pelvic Floor Tension Myalgia
  • lifestyle tips to protect the functioning of our pelvic region..muscles and organs
  • Getting properly diagnosed
Shira Litwack Industry Expert Cancer Exercise
Show host:  Shira Litwack Medical Fitness Professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , holistic nutritionist, Corporate wellness Provider Industry expert cancer exercise
Radio talk show host

Join us and learn from Dr. Andrew Siegel – always fun, entertaining and packed with learning. By respecting the pelvic floor, we can truly maximize enjoyment of life!

Vision Problems: There is Prevention

Vision Problems? May is Vision Health Month

More than 836,000 Canadians  have significant vision problems.

In the United States: According to Prevent Blindness America and the National Eye Institute Diabetic Retinopathy has increased 89% over the last 15 years and Age Related Macular Degeneration has risen by 25%.

Vision Health Month raises awareness about the importance of protecting our vision health. This event is supported by the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) and is recognized throughout the whole of Canada.

Vision Problems and prevention Dr. Allyson Tang interview on Best In Health RadioListen to an Interview with Dr. Allyson Tang, a graduate of the University of Waterloo School of Optometry and Lexington Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Kentucky for her Optometry externship, where she gained a stronger background in diabetic retinopathy and other ocular disease management.
Dr. Tang completed her second externship at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Optometry Department, with an emphasis on Myopia Control or research in methods to slow down progression of near-sightedness. Her special interest is in Accelerated Orthokeratology or AOK.

Topics of Discussion with Dr. Tang:
  • Vision problems and prevention
  • The need for Vision Health Month
  • Going for regular eye checkups
  • The role of genetics vs. lifestyle habits in vision problems
  • Diabetic Retinopathy, AMD (Age related Macular Degeneration), cataracts, glaucoma
  • Myopia Control – near sighted – reduction….Orthokeratology in children and adults
  • Oxidative stress and vision problems
  • Apple Night Shift
  • Circadian rhythms and melatonin
  • Nutrition and exercise for vision health
  • The effect of technology on our eye health and potential vision problems
  • Potential effects of a number of common medications on vision health
  • Potential for supplementation
  • Children and corrective lenses
  • what to discuss with your eye doctor
  • Integrating eye health into corporate wellness programs
Shira Litwack Industry Expert Cancer Exercise
Shira Litwack Medical Fitness Professional, Cancer Exercise Specialist , Corporate wellness Provider Industry expert cancer exercise
Radio talk show host

There is much we can do for our vision health……beyond correcting vision. Listen in with Dr. Tang.

Glycemic Index with Dr. David Jenkins

Glycemic Index- Mastering our Master Hormone Insulin for Every Aspect of our Health

The Glycemic Index, the creation of Dr. David Jenkins, revolutionized the health industry. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Jenkins back in 2010 – and given that it is still popular on iTunes – thought I would share it again here on Best In Health Radio.

Insulin is truly the master of our metabolism – this master hormone is produced by the pancreas and used by the liver, muscle cells, and fat tissue to absorb glucose from the blood (from the food consumed) and is stored in the muscle & liver cells as glycogen. Therefore, insulin controls the level of glucose (sugar) in the blood by taking it up into the cells. Insulin our of control reeks havoc on every cell and every organ system in the body. Now you know why it has earned the name “the master hormone”.

Of course at the top of everyone’s list of concerns is weight management. When we eat carbohydrates (sugar) our bodies release insulin in order to take that sugar out of the blood and into the cells.

Glycemic Index with Dr. David Jenkins Best in Health Radio
Live Laugh Love ……Liberate with Best In Health Radio Health Processes

I urge everybody not to think strictly about weight management. Managing our insulin by respecting the Glycemic index, is proving repeatedly to be a key aspect of chronic disease prevention and management – yes – including cancer. Insulin management is one of those tasks that truly reigns as an omnipotent factor in our health including:

  • menopausal weight gain
  • breast cancer, colon cancer…….
  • mood
  • heart disease, kidney disease…….

When there is no insulin in the blood – body uses fat as an energy source.

Most of us want to burn body fat. Therefore, don’t have insulin surging through our blood. Therefore, ditch the empty sugar, keep it complex – carbs that is.

Type I diabetes = the pancreas is unable to produce insulin

Type II diabetes = (aka insulin resistant) body does not respond effectively to insulin

This use to be called “adult onset” diabetes, however, with the obesity epidemic & horrible eating habits & yes “move” has become a four letter word- many kids are now dealing with diabetes.

Insulin allowed to flow wildly destroys the heart, kidneys, liver, cognitive ability, sexual performance, nervous system, high blood pressure, stroke, cholesterol, and can lead to certain cancers. Insulin resistance can reduce our bodies ability to absorb magnesium – a critical mineral – one of its many responsibilities is the relaxation phase of the heartbeat. Insulin resistance can also lead to osteoporosis & Alzheimer’s. Insulin controls all of our other vital hormones – ghrelin, leptin, thyroid, growth hormone, cortisol….you get the message. Therefore it is the master control behind much of our metabolic function.

OK – so hopefully we get it and we have to control our insulin levels.

Enter the Glycemic Index: We all owe tremendous thanks to Dr. David Jenkins, from right here in our beautiful Toronto. Not all carbs affect blood sugar levels. The genius of Dr. Jenkins – he came up with a ranking of how different carbohydrates manipulate the release of insulin into our bodies.

Low GI = below 55

Medium GI = 55-69

High GI – Above 70

Clearly, we want to aim for eating lower GI foods. FYI= white bread = 100GI. The Glycemic Index is the MOST logical way to choose the foods we eat. The GI not only helps us manage our weight, but helps protect us against disease of every system in the body. Hint: eat high fiber foods – that’s a really good start!

And……don’t forget those muscles! Strength training – cherishing your muscle mass – is a co-powerhouse with the glycemic index for blood sugar control an every aspect of our health.