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Health and fitness Magazine? Think of these radio shows as a very easy way to learn about your health – play them in your car, while your cooking, and share with others.

Health and fitness radio shows, here the truth not the pop from the researchers. Very often when we read about a study we are only hearing a part of it, often with a slant. there is far too much misinformation, listen to the pros.

We very often follow a certain “healthy lifestyle” not knowing the underlying potential flaws. We get frustrated.

No pop, no superficialities, no fads.  Just the scientific facts on your health.

A 2010 Australian study featured in Biomed Central, recognizing The mass media has enormous potential to influence health-related behaviours and perceptions,  carried out this study. Much research has focused on how the media frames health issues. This study sought to explore how journalists in Australia select and shape news on health issues….the influence they have.

The results were fascinating.

Health and fitness studies:

A key role: the specialist reporter

health and fitness Radio shows specialist reportersSpecialist health and medical reporters had much greater capacity to produce better quality health stories. This occurred despite the similar seniority of non-specialist reporters and related to key factors specific to their role. Their familiarity with technical aspects of medicine and health enhanced their ability to comprehend and accurately report complex issues.

Our Best In Health Radio interviews are performed by Shira Litwack, a medical fitness professional and Cancer Exercise Specialist, very well versed on the research. Our Interviews proudly dig deeper into the issues, and bring out the most important aspects of the study, learning the scientific facts, right from the researcher, not the colouring book version of the study. No focus on the pop or superficialities. Get an in depth look at your choices, that don’t make the media.

Happy Couple Dr. Howard Markman/ Marcie Pregulman

The Happy Couple for the Happy Place

The Happy Couple or the Unhappy Couple – Studies repeatedly show this is a critical factor in our health.

Happy Couple for healthThere are very few of us who don’t know that out of control feeling of a distressed relationship airlifting all of our emotions & infiltrating our every thought process, aka – stewing.

Happy Couple? There are endless jokes of nagging, spousal henpecking…..the fact is the toll of a stressful relationship ranks up there with other poor lifestyle habits. Heart disease is our #1 killer, and is the #1 killer of women – killing 4X as many women as breast cancer, striking women more and more below the age of 45.

Multitasking is now a survival skill, and has become  yet another deadly lifestyle habit of our toxic environment like fast food, smoking, sedentary behavior. Our relationships are caught in the crossfire from the barrage of demands, potentially leading to high blood pressure,  gastric distress, poor eating habits, lack of concentration , adrenal fatigue, sleep deprivation- or picking up other nasty hazardous habits. All of these are gateways for chronic illnesses.

Howard J. Markman, Ph.D. is a Professor of Psychology of the University of Denver and the Co-Director of the Center for Marital and Family Studies, one of the leading couples research center in the country.  He is one of the most respected couples researchers and couples therapists in the country.  Dr. Markman is internationally known for his cutting edge work on the prediction and prevention of marital distress and divorce and on research based relationship and marriage education and therapy programs.  He is the founder of PREP (Prevention and Relationship Education Program),  the most widely used, scientifically validated couples relationship education program. .   His programs are used around the world (e.g., Norway, Germany, Israel, Estonia, Sweden) including in the U.S. Military, supporting the men and woman fighting for our country and their families


According to Dr. Markman “Nagging is an enemy of love, if allowed to persist,”

Nagging, one person repeatedly making a request, the other person repeatedly ignoring it and both become increasingly annoyed—is an issue creating huge confrontation & relationship stress. While nagging provokes chuckles and eye-rolling, this dynamic can potentially be as dangerous to a marriage as adultery or bad finances. Experts say it is exactly the type of toxic communication that can eventually sink a relationship.  Dr. Markman published in the Journal of Family Psychology research indicating that couples who became unhappy five years into their marriage had a roughly 20% increase in negative communication patterns consistent with nagging, and a 12% decrease in positive communication.

Marcie Pregulman is the co-founder and President of Love Your Relationship. She has been a relationship coach for the last 6 years helping couples and individuals meet their relationship goals over the telephone. Marcie is a member of The University of Denver Psychology Department. She is a PREP trainer and leads workshops throughout the world along with Dr. Markman teaching couples research based skills to help and enhance their relationships.  According to Marcie, people divorce prematurely (and about 90% of those have not received help from a mental health professional and of those 10% many of those services were not evidence based services)  and there is research to suggest that couples that stay together through the problems are happy in the long run that they did.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy – Dr. Anton Marinov

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy…the magic of breathing Oxygen.

In honour of Movember – Gro A Mo to Save A Bro – thought we would do something very different. Movember is a month dedicated to bringing attention to mens health issues, with greatest emphasis on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and men’s mental health.

Prostate cancer strikes approximately 1/6 men in North America. Radiation therapy – yes it can save lives – however it can often have some very difficult side effects – this is just one of the many uses of our topic today – Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber. The chamber is transparent, and for anyone who fears an MRI, have no fear here.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a well-established treatment for many medical conditions, including decompression sickness (a potential risk of  scuba diving),  serious infections, osteomyelitis, post surgical wounds not healing, thermal burns, damage from an edema, wounds that won’t heal as a result of diabetes or radiation injury. The number of applicable situations for HBOT is increasing all enabling oxygen to reach the  tissues after sickness or injury, preventing necrosis – tissue death.

It is also being used to reduce risk of surgical complications for smokers – again – one of the many devastating effects of smoking is poor oxygenation within the body.

In a hyperbaric oxygen therapy chamber, the air pressure is increased to three times higher than normal air pressure, allowing the lungs to gather more oxygen than would be possible breathing pure oxygen at normal air pressure.

The blood transports the oxygen throughout the body, helping fight bacteria and stimulate the release of growth factors and stem cells, which promote healing. There is also evidence that suggests HBOT can stimulate new blood vessel & capillary growth that have been damaged, due injury or other treatment procedures.

Our guest today –

Dr. Anton Marinov is the medical director of the Rouge Valley Hyperbaric Medical Centre, right here in our very beautiful Toronto. . Dr. Marinov completed a B.Sc. in immunology at the University of Toronto and his medical degree at Queen’s University. He obtained his royal college fellowship in anesthesia in 2008 and subspecialty training in Interventional Chronic Pain Management at the University of Toronto. Dr. Marinov has worked in the field of hyperbaric medicine for over 10 years and has been actively involved in research and education.

Fyi….A few other applications of HBOT  – how it is being used, around the world:

  • Reducing swelling & edema
  • shortening the inflammatory process
  • Increasing Range of Motion
  • Production of collagen
  • Increases growth of cells that form reparative tissue Fibroblastic proliferation
  • Scar tissue rehab
  • Angiogenesis – growth of new blood vessels
  • Osteoblasts Osteoclasts – bone reparation
  • Improving wound immune mechanism
  • Improve performance of white blood cells in Leukocyte activity
  • Antimicrobial

Hormones – Dr. Scott Isaacs – Hormonal Balance

Hormones – Dr. Scott Isaacs – Best Selling Author Hormonal Balance

Hormones seem to be the universal scapegoat.

Scott Isaacs, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E. is a board-certified endocrinologist in Atlanta, Georgia, and widely considered to be one of the leading weight-loss experts in the country. Dr. Isaacs is a faculty member at Emory University School of Medicine and the medical director for Atlanta Endocrine Associates and their award-winning weight loss program.

Dr. Isaacs has been honored with numerous awards, including being listed in Castle Connolly Top Doctors for the past four years. His peers voted him Best Physician in Lifestyles Magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The online Citysearch Guide announced Dr. Isaacs’s weight loss program as its 2009 “Best of Citysearch” winner.

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists also lists Dr. Isaacs’s books as a resource for practicing endocrinologists.  Dr. Isaacs has been profiled on,,, and many other websites.

Hormones Dr. Scott Isaacs Best In Health Radio
Hormonal Balance with Dr. Scott Isaacs

In addition to body weight and metabolism, hormones control mood, energy level, sex drive, the menstrual cycle, the biological clock and even one’s risk of getting certain cancers. Balancing your hormones, in other words, can help you achieve physical health, mental well-being and even a longer lifespan. Dr. Isaacs explains how to prevent common hormone imbalances from ruining well-intended weight loss plans. He offers advice on outsmarting hunger hormones, eliminating environmental toxins from the body, curbing PMS symptoms and the symptoms of menopause for women, balancing the effects of testosterone in men, increasing energy levels and reversing the symptoms of aging, all through his Hormonal Health Diet in Hormonal Balance.

Dr. Isaacs unveils a number of household habits that can disrupt hormone levels and set back weight loss goals. Dr. Isaacs can go into detail about the environmental hormone disruptors one comes into contact with on a daily basis, and why making small changes to your routine—like turning down your thermostat, throwing out your plastic food containers, and ditching the antibacterial soap—could mean finally losing those stubborn five pounds.

The latest research on growth hormone, its importance in healthy aging, and ways to boost it naturally. Growth hormone remains a very important hormone long after we’ve stopped growing, regulating body composition, energy level, and mood.  It is also a muscle builder, burning fat and increasing muscle mass, but by the time we reach age forty, our levels of growth hormone are half of what they were when we were teenagers. While growth hormone medications or supplements have been found to be harmful, Dr. Isaacs can share many ways of naturally boosting your body’s production of growth hormone that can make you feel decades younger.

Epigenetics -Mom’s Metabolic Health Dr. John Kral

Epigenetics –  Effects of Mom’s Metabolic Health During Pregnancy with  Dr. John Kral
epigenetics: changing our genetic destiny with our lifestyle choices
Cancer is thought to be 90% lifestyle choices. Epigenetics how we change our DNA for better or for worse

Epigenetics:  The Power of Nurture of Nature……how our environment & lifestyle choices (nurture) can change our genetic code (nature). This is a fascinating,powerful demonstration of how our lifestyle choices – good and bad – change our DNA.

The good news is…we are NOT helpless against our perceived genetic doom!

How a mother’s level of body fat impacts the gestational environment – the amniotic fluid – and can alter the developing baby’s DNA – yet another aspect of obesity. How obesity in pregnancy could affect “fetal programming” of adult disease.


DNA Methylation is an epigenetic mechanism that can turn up or turn down so to speak gene expression.

DNA was studied from siblings born to the same  parents – older sibling before the mother had weight loss surgery, younger siblings after mother had the surgery.

Children born before surgery had a higher risk for heart disease, diabetes & less insulin sensitivity – poorer metabolic health.

However – it must be noted this is not a hopeless situation –  by adopting a healthier lifestyle – these offspring can happily lead a healthier life.

Dr. John Kral, Professor of Surgery and Medicine at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY received his M.A. degree in Psychology in 1961 from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, where he then attended medical school, completed specialty training in Surgery and subsequently defended a Ph.D. thesis entitled Surgical Reduction of Adipose Tissue in 1976.

In 1972, Dr. Kral participated in establishing the program for surgical treatment of obesity at the University of Gothenburg as project coordinator


In 1980, Dr. Kral was recruited to St. Luke’s Hospital Center, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons to develop a program of surgical metabolism and anti-obesity surgery where he investigated eating behavior and continued studies on severe obesity and effects of long-term maintenance of significant weight loss on body composition after malabsorptive and gastric restrictive operations.  He was a member of the American Society for Clinical Nutrition Task Force that developed guidelines for surgical treatment of obesity 1982-85 was a co-founder of the American Society for Bariatric Surgery in 1983, and was the driving force behind the 1991 NIH Consensus Development Conference entitled Gastrointestinal Surgery for Severe Obesity.

Dr. Kral’s contribution to our understanding of the metabolic influence on genetics & epigenetics over the years is truly astounding & my hope is we  all get a much better, deeper appreciation of the impact of the lifestyle choices we make  – for ourselves & for those we love.Because as complicated as so much of this sounds – please keep in mind – choices we tend to not really think about – food choices, saying I dont have time for exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol……all work at a much more omnipotent level than just our clothing size.

Integrative Oncology – Dr.Block Life Over Cancer

Integrative Oncology – Its About Time

Integrative Oncology – Dr. Block has been successfully treating people with cancer for many years – and is truly  pioneer in the field of integrative Oncology. His book

Life Over Cancer: The Block Center Program for Integrative Cancer Treatment 

was groundbreaking at release and still is a Bible of Integrative Oncology.

Integrative Oncology Health Coaching Best In health RadioFounded over 30 years ago the Block Center is one of the world’s leading cancer treatment facilities.  An outpatient clinic specializing in the treatment of the entire range of cancers, the Block Center is dedicated to providing a caring environment that emphasizes the unique biological, physical and psychological qualities of each person treated.  Individualized programs are designed to give the patient the best opportunity to live better and to improve the overall quality of life while undergoing treatment.

The Block Center works with each patient to:

  • Boost treatment effectiveness
  • Reduce traditional treatment side effects and toxicity
  • Avoid disease recurrence
  • Regain and improve physical strength and flexibility
  • Preserve dignity and respect individuality

The Block Center team includes board-certified oncologists, internists, physician assistants, oncology nurses, psychologists, social workers, registered dieticians, physical therapists, massage therapists, complementary care specialists, medical researchers and patient care coordinators. Please join us as we are truly honored to be joined by Dr. Keith Block, himself. Dr. Block is the Scientific Director of the Institute for Integrative Cancer Research and Education, where he has collaborated with colleagues at the University of Illinois at Chicago, the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston and Bar Ilan University in Israel.

Dr. Block has more than 90 publications in scientific journals relevant to nutritional and integrative oncology.

Listen and Learn with Dr. Block:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Emotional Eating |Promiscuous Eating

Emotional Eating….Promiscuous Eating with Dr. Andrew Siegel

Emotional eating, how many other descriptions do we have about our relationships with food?

Our world is obsessed with fad diets & gadgets, empty promises of “6 weeks to a bikini body”, overwhelming people with minutia & confusion – but perhaps one of the most real saboteurs of our health – our relationship with food – is ignored. Yes we have a relationship with food – not just the pop cliche of emotional eating – its understanding the complexities of why, when, how & what we eat.

Many of these relationships we just don’t notice – they were the “normal” of our upbringing, or it could be the way we cope with out hectic schedules & lifestyle. -Fact is, these habits can easily be problematic to our health, undermining our efforts, and yes be very frustrating to cope with!

“Promiscuous eating is the wanton, reckless, unselective, casual, & indiscriminate consumption of foods without regard to the potential consequences of this “indiscretion”.

Emotional Eating Promiscuous Eating on BestInHealthRadio.comIt is characterized by an unhealthy relationship with food & without a long term commitment to quality foods and eating for the right reasons & in the right manner. Promiscuous eating involves consistently & knowingly making poor food choices that are hazardous to our health & consuming foods for purposes other than satisfying genuine hunger.”…Can you relate?

Dr. Andrew Siegel received his medical degree from the Chicago Medical School, where he was elected to the AOA Honor Medical Society. He completed a residency in general surgery at the North Shore University Hospital, an affiliate of Cornell University School of Medicine and pursued residency training in urology at the University Of Pennsylvania School Of Medicine. Thereafter, he did a fellowship in female pelvic reconstructive surgery at the UCLA School of Medicine prior to joining Bergen Urological Associates in Hackensack, New Jersey, where he has been in practice since 1988.

Dr. Siegel is an avid believer in remaining young, healthy and fit through the practice of exercise, nutritional conscientiousness and intelligent lifestyle choices. He is the author of FINDING YOUR OWN FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH: The Essential Guide to Maximizing Health, Wellness, Fitness and Longevity, published in 2008. His second book, PROMISCUOUS EATING— Understanding and Ending Our Self-Destructive Relationship with Food, was published in 2011. He is passionate and enthusiastic about wellness advocacy and his goal is educating the community about healthy lifestyles and preventative measures that help ensure maximum fitness, nutrition, disease avoidance and longevity.

Endocrine Disruptors, Obesogens Dr. Blumberg

Endocrine Disruptors – Dr. Bruce Blumberg

Endocrine Disruptors and Obesogens – Much of the research on the epigenetic saboteurs are thanks to this incredible researcher – Dr. Bruce Blumberg.

endocrine disruptors interview with Bruce Blumberg Best In Health RadioFurther to our previous show with Dreamfilm Producer Bruce Mohun of “Programmed to be Fat” A David Suzuki Nature of Things production – Today we at Best In Health Radio brings you Dr. Bruce Blumberg – whose research was at the Center of this fascinating show. Bruce Blumberg received the Ph.D. from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1987. His postdoctoral training was in the molecular embryology of vertebrate development at the Department of Biological Chemistry in the UCLA Medical School from 1988-1992. Dr. Blumberg was appointed as a Staff Scientist at The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, CA in 1992 where he focused on the molecular endocrinology of orphan nuclear receptors and their role in embryonic development and adult physiology. Dr. Blumberg joined the faculty at U.C., Irvine in 1998 where he is currently Professor of Developmental and Cell Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering. His current research focuses on the role of nuclear hormone receptors in development, physiology and disease. Particular interests include patterning of the vertebrate nervous system, the differential effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on laboratory model organisms compared with humans, interactions between xenobiotic metabolism, inflammation, and cancer, and the role of environmental endocrine disrupting chemicals on the development of obesity and diabetes. Dr. Blumberg and his colleagues originated the obesogen hypothesis which holds that developmental exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals can induce permanent physiological changes. EDC exposure elicits epigenetic alterations in gene expression that reprogram stem cell fate to favor the development of fat cells. Exposed animals are predisposed to develop more and larger fat cells, despite normal diet and exercise which is likely to lead to weight gain and obesity over time.

Obesogens: Programmed to Be Fat with Bruce Mohun

Obesogens – Chemicals Not Just Calories for Obesity

Obesogens – chemicals that are making us fat unknowingly – and our unborn children fat.

Bruce Mohun – Dreamfilm Canada – Science Journalist

Bruce is a science journalist who has produced, directed, hosted and written hundreds of hours of television. His most recent award is a Gold Medal from the New York Festivals for “The Downside of High”, named best health & medicine documentary.  His programs have aired on CBC, Discovery, Knowledge, TVOntario, Access, and SCN.   His documentary Deciphering Dyslexia won a 2008 Freddie Award (the Oscars of health & medical media), and the Helen Hayes Award for best consumer program at the 2008 Freddies.  Hiding from the Wind, about the world’s fastest bike, won a Leo Award for Best Science and Technology Documentary in 2003, and his documentaries have been screened at the New York Film Festival and the Image and Science Film Festival in Paris. He won the 2003 Science Council of British Columbia’s Eve Savory Award for Science Communication and the 2004 Canadian Federation of Biological Sciences’ Gordin Kaplan Award for Science Communication.

Obesogens On the developing Fetus Interview Best In Health RadioToday we will be discussing Bruce’s latest documentary on David Suzuki’s the “Nature of Things” – “Programmed to be Fat”. Understand the term “obesogens”. A new scientific theory points the finger at chemicals in our environment that are setting humans up for obesity before they’re even born. Exposure to environmental chemicals such as Bisphenol A, pesticides and herbicides during fetal development may be changing our physiology forever. That, say some scientists, could explain the alarming statistics on obesity – like the fact that the number of overweight infants rose 74% in just twenty years. And not to be overlooked at all – we will be discussing the award winning “The Downside of High” – helping people understand the serious health impact of using marijuana.


Nicotine on the Fetus: Dr. Alison Holloway

Nicotine and Other Prenatal Obesogens & Development of Type 2 Diabetes

Nicotine and the many other destructive  chemicals we infuse into our developing children.  In our continuing series with researchers featured on David Suzuki’s Nature of Things “Programmed to be Fat” – we bring you Dr. Alison Holloway. Dr Holloway received her BSc in Zoology from the University of Toronto in 1992.  She then obtained her PhD in Zoology from the University of Guelph in 1997.  She worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Physiology at the University of Toronto and then in 2003 obtained a faculty position in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at McMaster University where she is currently as Associate Professor.

Nicotine On the developing Fetus Interview Best In Health RadioDr Holloway’s current research investigates how fetal and neonatal exposure to chemical insults can increase the risk of adverse metabolic outcomes in the offspring during postnatal life.  The chemicals that are of interest to her laboratory including chemicals that we may intentionally expose ourselves to through lifestyle choices such as cigarette smoking or the use of over the counter natural health products; man-made chemicals in the environment and medications.  The majority of the work in her lab at this time focuses on whether children born to women who smoke are more likely be obese and/or develop type 2 diabetes later in life.

Update on Dr. Holloway’s Research:

“Recent epidemiological studies have shown that there is an increased risk of obesity and hypertension in children born to women who smoked during pregnancy. Maternal smoking during pregnancy is an important risk factor for overweight and adiposity in children between 5 and 7 years of age, and the effect of maternal smoking to increase obesity in the offspring has been shown to persist even after adjustment for a wide range of confounding factors, including birth weight, socioeconomic status, and maternal diet. Similarly, maternal cigarette smoking has been associated with increased blood pressure in the children of smokers at 6 years of age, an effect that is not wholly attributable to the effects of maternal smoking on birth weight or the child’s current weight. Taken together, these studies suggest that it may be a direct effect of intrauterine exposure to the chemicals in cigarette smoke that accounts for the increased risk of obesity and hyper- tension in the offspring of women who smoke during pregnancy.”

Musculoskeletal System: Framework Dr. DiNubile

Our Musculoskeletal System…Our Framework according to Dr. Nick!

Musculoskeletal System? Who would think learning about all of our aches and pains could be entertaining? Follow Dr. Nick on FaceBook – yes it is possible!

Dr. Nicholas DiNubile – Author Framework – Your 7 Step Program For Healthy Muscles, Bones & Joints

Musculoskeletal System Interview with Dr. Nick Best In Health radioNever judge a book by its topic. When I set out to read Framework I did think it would be torturous – how exciting can a book be about our muscles, bones & joints. However, Dr. Nick has a true talent to make it easier to understand, entertaining & we really learn the many “dumb things” we all do to destroy our bodies. Framework gives us new appreciation for our beautiful bodies & how to keep them running smoothly.

Dr. DiNubile is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine in private practice in Havertown, Pennsylvania. He is the author of the bestselling book, FrameWork- Your 7 Step Program for Healthy Muscles, Bones & Joints and also the FrameWork “Active For Life” book series. He is Executive Producer and host of the award winning national PBS television special, Your Body’s FrameWork and has served as Orthopaedic Consultant to the Philadelphia 76ers Basketball Team and Pennsylvania Ballet for many years. He was a long time advisor to Yahoo! Health, where he hosted “The Training Room” Blog, and FitTips with DrNick can be heard every week on WIP 610 Sports Radio. He has been chosen in “Best Doctors in America” and was named a USA “Top Doc” by US News & World Report. He has been featured on Good Morning America, The Today Show, CNN, HBO Real Sports, National Public Radio, and in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Newsweek, and numerous other publications. He is one of the most quoted doctors in America.