DIET – The Real Thing

DIET – Not Your Typical 4 Letter Word!

Diet…That 4 Letter Word that Could Be Your Arch Nemesis or Your Best Friend

Lets’s look at the word “diet” as an acronym:

Diet: Food Abused anxiety Exercise antidepress
Diet Should be the most positive invigorating word in our vocabulary. Liberation, guidance, not sacrifice

D    Disease

I      Interrupting

E    Eating & Exercise

T    Template

Your best diet is the one which makes you feel better physically, emotionally & psychologically . By maximizing your health  by feeding & exercising it appropriately, we are rewarded by how we feel and how we perform our many demands.  The right nutritional program  is designed with you, for you & your unique combination of demands & parameters.  It energizes you and helps you focus,

and the truth is ……when you stray, you just don’t feel like you! There will be an inner calling that keeps you complaint.

All other desired outcomes of a nutritional program including adiposity management            ( healthy body fat level) will follow, when you feed your body the nutrition it needs, in the right quantities, and eliminate the saboteurs.

Our problem is we have a completely inaccurate preconceived notion of diet. We think if anything is good Diet: Disease Prevention Healthy Lifestyle Toronto Best In Health Radiofor us, it necessarily has to be a form of deprivation & torture…. as seen with nutrition, lifestyle behaviors and physical activity. We are in a world of immediate gratification, living only in this moment- those few fleeting moments of taste, a misplaced sense of reward, hiding behind the scapegoat of too busy  or no time.

By focusing on creating a balanced inner ecosystem, we avoid the highs, lows, moods, exhaustion, “off and ons” created by instant gratification. We build a solid foundation of health, which will allow us  flexibility, and most of all an inner biology of strength and disease prevention.

DIET for our Cell-Being

Far too often ignored is the role of food to serve and protect at a much more crucial level- protecting our cells.

DIET for your Best Health Best In Health Radio
From Cacophony to Symphony – balancing our Inner ecosystem

We live in a world where our bodies are attacked incessantly by mutagens, endocrine disruptors, toxins, electromagnetic radiation,  viruses and bacteria….we have a very long list of cellular assailants. AKA Oxidative Stress – agents that have the ability to disrupt healthy cellular function, which is the root of disease.




Many poor food choices are sources of oxidative stress

Sound food choices should be based on nutrition that supports cell strength.  There are a number of dietary decisions based on calorie content, “diet” foods. “low fat” or “low sugar” foods that are actually destructive on a cellular level.  

Lifestyle Choices which may seem to be a better for our exterior, are not necessarily best for our cell-being. It is our cell-being that nourishes the inner ecosystem for strength and wellness.