Fountain of Youth – Beauty from Within

The Fountain of Youth…Is In You…..Turn it on!

The Fountain of Youth  – there are many tales through history from Alexander the Great to Juan Ponce de Leon over searching for that elusive fountain of youth. The great news is, we don’t have to search because it is in every one of us.

There is nothing shameful about taking pride in how we look – think of our outer package as our own personal branding, our personal marketing package.

In 2012 American women spent 7 billion dollars on cosmetics with promises of anti wrinkles, anti…., anti…., anti aging. Just a btw – typical gym membership – bout $600/year – often including the towel service!!!

Please excuse the crude analogy – ever tried to paint a cracked wall?

The fountain of youth is our own sweat

The stinkier the better. Nothing smeared on our face & hair can replace the rewards of clean nutrition and good hard exercise. ..and as a medical exercise specialist I have to qualify that by saying everyone has to know their correct limits of a hard workout….

Fountain of youth from Telomeres
Tickle These Telomeres to activate Your Fountain of Youth

A little science geek here: Thanks to the great research of Dr. Mark Tarnopolsky of McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, we have a good look at the importance of exercise on cellular anti aging, true anti aging. Hard exercise can lengthen the telomeres, the cap end of DNA strands that protect the chromosome, protecting cells from the damage of aging. Science has also proven that exercise rejuvenates the mitochondria of the cells ( “the powerhouses”), keeping us young and energetic. Your exercise oxygenates your skin for a youthful glow, no offense to any $200 moisturizer, and your pumping sebaceous glands produce the very best hair conditioner you will ever use, designed just for you! Your clean, complete nutrition of lean proteins, whole grains, antioxidants, and ditching smoke, alcohol & sugar will provide your body the tools it needs to keep you young.

We all carry an aura – how we project our confidence, self esteem – others react to us based on our aura we emit. How good we feel about ourselves – whatever characteristics we base our self image on – determines the power of our personal ambience, that je ne sais quoi that makes each of us unique, dare I say our pheromones?

I call it our strut factor – whatever makes us feel really good about ourselves – strut our stuff – that attracts positive feedback from others – which in turn positively reinforces our own self image. We smile, and smiling is the very best infectious behavior there is.

And repeated studies do show, that people who feel good about themselves do tend to be more faithful to a health centric lifestyle. Others want to emulate people who they find positive, happy, people that “got their act together” – its a very motivating behavior cycle.

People who feel good about themselves smile, and make others smile. Smiling is the  universal form of communication.

Whats in a smile? Charles Darwin, perhaps the greatest and so far ahead of his time scientist, famous for his Origin of the Species theory of Evolution, also had another brilliant study

  • “The Facial Feedback Response Theory” smiling actually makes us feel better rather than smiling being a result of feeling good MRI imaging shows that smiling activates brain circuitry of happiness
  • A British study found that smiling can provide brain stimulation to the level of 2,000 chocolate bars – of course without the calories, fat & insulin surges!
    Smiling has been shown to curb the release of stress hormones such as cortisol & increase release of happy hormones such as serotonins & endorphins

In order to smile, we need to feel good about ourselves inside & out. And if we have a beautiful smile, we smile more & our aura can light up our world & be a guiding light for those around us. Sweat & Smile!