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Health and Fitness Processes with Best In Health Radio are designed for each person, individually

health and fitness distance online training Best In Health RadioThere are a number of reasons where remote coaching is a better choice. Whether it be for individual or group, corporate core coaching or part of our 365 support, remote coaching services the most important aspect of a health process…….Reality!



What do I have time for?

What will Actually do?

What will fit in with my many other demands…

and yes….

learning in my own environment.

Whether it me nutritional coaching in your kitchen, creating physical activity in your own home or office – remote coaching offers the voice of reality – assuring the health and fitness process meets your needs, likes and dislikes.  An intrusive program, will not be sustainable.


Health and Fitness Webinars

A life to prevent cancer – is truly the healthiest lifestyle of all. Preservation of cell health should be front and center of any health and fitness program, however it is often ignored by typical superficial programs.

As Director of International Relations for the Cancer Exercise Training Institute – we bring you access to many live, interactive webinars  to further your knowledge of cancer prevention.

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A few upcoming webinars:

  • Nutrition for Cancer Prevention/Management
  • Living a life to prevent cancer
  • Nutrition on the Go
  • Incorporating Physical Activity when there is “No Time” for Exercise
Health and Fitness for Cancer Recovery

health and fitness webinars for cancer recovery and cancer preventionThere is nothing more empowering than a sense of control and nothing more defeating than a sense of helplessness. There is much we can do to support cancer recovery with our lifestyle choices. Often we are unaware of exposure to certain environmental situations which jeopardize recovery. The role of loved ones is critical to successful recovery. These online programs are there to help you organize your environment to enable the treatment to be that much more effective.

The Cancer Exercise Training Institute is now offering informational online classes to the public on cancer prevention and cancer management. Individual one on one coaching is available if desired. The Cancer Exercise Training Institute has trained health and fitness professionals around the world on the science of cancer exercise for 20 years. We have trained personal trainers, exercise physiologists, yogis, Pilates pros, nurses, massage therapists all working in hospitals, medical fitness facilities, gyms, private studios and in home fitness professionals.  Due to demand – we are now offering classes to the general public on living a life to prevent and manage cancer, prevent recurrence – offering both information and exercise classes to all.  Exercise, Nutrition, behaviour modification, lifestyle, potential exposures to carcinogens, preventing lymphedema…..take a look at the site. Please also feel free, if you have a specific request for a topic, let us know – we will do our very best to accommodate you.