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Hormones seem to be the universal scapegoat.

Scott Isaacs, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.C.E. is a board-certified endocrinologist in Atlanta, Georgia, and widely considered to be one of the leading weight-loss experts in the country. Dr. Isaacs is a faculty member at Emory University School of Medicine and the medical director for Atlanta Endocrine Associates and their award-winning weight loss program.

Dr. Isaacs has been honored with numerous awards, including being listed in Castle Connolly Top Doctors for the past four years. His peers voted him Best Physician in Lifestyles Magazine in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The online Citysearch Guide announced Dr. Isaacs’s weight loss program as its 2009 “Best of Citysearch” winner.

The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists also lists Dr. Isaacs’s books as a resource for practicing endocrinologists.  Dr. Isaacs has been profiled on CNNHealth.com, livestrong.com, WebMD.com, and many other websites.

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Hormonal Balance with Dr. Scott Isaacs

In addition to body weight and metabolism, hormones control mood, energy level, sex drive, the menstrual cycle, the biological clock and even one’s risk of getting certain cancers. Balancing your hormones, in other words, can help you achieve physical health, mental well-being and even a longer lifespan. Dr. Isaacs explains how to prevent common hormone imbalances from ruining well-intended weight loss plans. He offers advice on outsmarting hunger hormones, eliminating environmental toxins from the body, curbing PMS symptoms and the symptoms of menopause for women, balancing the effects of testosterone in men, increasing energy levels and reversing the symptoms of aging, all through his Hormonal Health Diet in Hormonal Balance.

Dr. Isaacs unveils a number of household habits that can disrupt hormone levels and set back weight loss goals. Dr. Isaacs can go into detail about the environmental hormone disruptors one comes into contact with on a daily basis, and why making small changes to your routine—like turning down your thermostat, throwing out your plastic food containers, and ditching the antibacterial soap—could mean finally losing those stubborn five pounds.

The latest research on growth hormone, its importance in healthy aging, and ways to boost it naturally. Growth hormone remains a very important hormone long after we’ve stopped growing, regulating body composition, energy level, and mood.  It is also a muscle builder, burning fat and increasing muscle mass, but by the time we reach age forty, our levels of growth hormone are half of what they were when we were teenagers. While growth hormone medications or supplements have been found to be harmful, Dr. Isaacs can share many ways of naturally boosting your body’s production of growth hormone that can make you feel decades younger.