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Personal Training for Cancer Recovery, Osteoporosis, Metabolic Syndrome….Medical Exercise

Typical Personal Training can be dangerous if certain rules of medical exercise are not respected. As Medical Exercise Specialists – we are dedicated to designing that fitness process you will love, keep you physically active at your correct level, is functionally applicable for your needs, and of course help with your recovery.

We develop safe and effective conditioning programs for clients with musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurological or metabolic disorders. Whether it be cancer recovery, or dealing with heart disease, diabetes, depression, let us help. Please contact us about designing your unique health and fitness process with you.

Personal Training for Cancer Recovery

Personal Training Cancer Recovery Medical Exercise Best In Health RadioExercise & Nutrition – Vital members of Integrative Oncology..enabling our body to do what it needs to do…..

It is a well known fact that exercise and physical activity, good nutrition, minimizing alcohol & no smoking, healthy body fat levels are the very best ways to prevent cancer.


Genetics is thought to be 5-10% of cancer.Personal Training Medical Exercise Best In Health Radio

What has an enormous genetic punch is lifestyle habits passed down…often unknowingly. However, it is unfortunately a lesser known fact that exercise & nutrition are vital partners in cancer recovery.

We are an ecosystem. Our inner ecosystem is constantly bombarded by external forces – some known, and some unknown…carcinogens, mutagens, toxins, viruses & bacteria… Exercise & nutrition together are Commander in Chief of our ecosystem. The Right Exercise is critical for cancer recovery and beyond. Exercise can also be a source of oxidative stress, and a danger to cancer recovery.

In the fitness world we commonly refer to the FITT formula: Frequency, Intensity, Time, Type – and according to the type of cancer, treatment, how far along a person is in the recovery process…a number of factors, the right exercise is decided upon. Malignancies secret chemicals which destroy muscle. Muscle is our BFF in every aspect of our life. Muscle wasting is life wasting. Exercise is the Only way to preserve Muscle Mass. Our Muscles are the pump of our lymphatic system. There is No immunity without our muscles. Muscle Mass starts breaking down by our mid 30s without strength training. Use it or Lose it. ….So that means we lose our immune capabilities as well.

Consider these facts about what are referred to as “complimentary therapies to cancer recovery”:

  • Exercise balances hormone levels, crucial to tumor control & destruction
  • Studies show exercise encourages treatment adherence , reduces pain, improves quality of life
  • Preserve cardio respiratory function
  • Exercise controls oxidative stress….but it is crucial to do the right exercise, in the right amount & level of exertion.
  • Exercise increases the amount of Natural Killer cells in the immune system
  • Exercise controls inflammation, glycemia Prevention of Lymphedema, Muscle cachexia, protection of healthy cells
  • Exercise is a crucial aspect of body fat – critical to cancer recovery
  • Exercise increases the body’s response to chemotherapy, more able to tolerate treatment
  • Exercise reduces depression & anxiety, “chemobrain” experienced by many cancer patients.
  • Exercise enhances the quality of sleep
  • Exercise improves circulation and reduces the chances of blood clotting
  • Exercise can decrease the nausea of treatment and increase the appetite
  • Exercise improves nutrient absorption, liver cleansing
  • Exercise decreases bowel transit time , which is often diminished by chemotherapy
  • Exercise for postural & Range of Motion issues, often compromised in treatment

Our Bodies have remarkable capabilities to recover. Strengthen our inner ecosystem with correct exercise & the nutrition