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Radio Shows By the health specialist of Best In Health RaduiRadio  interviews – Bringing you the researchers, scientists – the scientific facts to make sound decisions about your health. Listen to health and fitness professionals worldwide – get the science not the pop and drama the achieve sustainable health goals based on cellular fitness.

These health pros volunteer their time, freely share their knowledge to bring it to you in their words, untampered  by editing, or journalists not specifically trained in the science of health and fitness.

Our commitment to our is to weed out the marketing and opinions, from the scientific evidence presented in the studies.  We discuss the integrity of the scientific method of the study…again trying to assure we can make sound health decisions.

A 2010 Australian study featured in Biomed Central, recognizing The mass media has enormous potential to influence health-related behaviours and perceptions,  carried out this study.

In other words, the exact same study can be reported either:

in a way that it garners a positive call to action to the public, or

Has no positive influence – the public sees no relevance to the results of the study.

And even more unfortunately, some really great, potentially impactful studies are carried out, but are dismissed by the media as they do not carry the sensationalistic slant they are looking for.

Much research has focused on how the media frames health issues. This Australian study sought to explore how journalists in Australia select and shape news on health issues….the influence they have.

The results were fascinating.

Health and fitness studies:

A key role: the specialist reporter

health and fitness Radio shows specialist reportersSpecialist health and medical reporters had much greater capacity to produce better quality health stories. This occurred despite the similar seniority of non-specialist reporters and related to key factors specific to their role. Their familiarity with technical aspects of medicine and health enhanced their ability to comprehend and accurately report complex issues.

Our Best In Health Radio interviews are performed by Shira Litwack, a medical fitness professional and Cancer Exercise Specialist, very well versed on the research. Our Interviews proudly dig deeper into the issues, and bring out the most important aspects of the study, learning the scientific facts, right from the researcher, not the colouring book version of the study. No focus on the pop or superficialities. Get an in depth look at your choices, that don’t make the media.

We are ever committed to finding those solid, insightful studies, sifting out the poorly orchestrated studies, and taking the “science geek” of the study and presenting it to you, with the researchers, how this study can potentially benefit  your health.