Scar Tissue Release And Integrated Therapies

Scar Tissue  – The Damage and The Release

Marjorie Brook is an internationally-recognized bodyworker and pioneer in the field of Scar Tissue Release. Marjorie travels globally offering seminars and lectures on the Scar Tissue Release on Best In Health RadioS.T.R.A.I.T. (Scar Tissue Release And Integrated Therapies) Method, an innovative and ground breaking therapy that works with the body, not against it.  It is her mission to bring awareness to the public about the damaging effect of scar tissue and adhesions.





scar tissue starts in childhood Best In Health Radio
A kiss and a bandaid on a BooBoo does not prevent future implications from falling off that bike!

Recognizing that a simple scar from a childhood fall to major surgery as an adult can have a lifelong physiological and psychological effect on the body, yet is the most ignored and misunderstood part of recovery. Marjorie Brook designed a scar tissue release system that approaches the multi faceted matrix of fascia three dimensionally.





Scar tissue from Mastectomy Best In Health RadioAccording to the CDC last year in the United States there were:

  • More than half a million heart surgeries;
  • Approximately 50,000 women a year mastectomies;
  • 307,000 breast implant surgeries;
  • More than 465,000spinal fusions;Scar Tissue from Spinal Fusion Best In Health Radio
  • 498,000Hysterectomies;
  • 1.3 million Cesarean sections;
  • 719,000Total knee replacements;
  • 332,000 Total hip replacements.


Despite the high number of surgeries, most patients are never given pre or post surgery protocols to prevent scar tissue formation. A recent study found that 9 out of 10 people who’d had a routine surgical procedure within the past 6 to 12 months were unhappy with their surgical scar, while 7 in 10 felt they were “more concerned than their surgeon was about the scar.”

Scar Tissue Release Best In Health RadioFor many people, Scar Tissue Release therapy is the last chance to avoid surgery or the answer to pain free recovery after all other therapies have failed.  Most are unaware that their body’s functions are being altered by scar tissue or that their ailments and physical limitations can be remedied without the need for surgery or pills. The reason for this is because you’re essentially held together by one huge single sheet of connective tissue, or fascia. This fascia wraps around your entire body like an intricate spider web and influences the way you function — from your muscles and your bones, to your organs, nerves, veins and arteries.  Any kink, pull or restriction in one area can affect everything else. If your movements are restricted, your muscles and your organs will be forced to work harder. If your nerves and vessels are trapped, your circulation can be restricted.


“[I] wanted to quickly share the Marjorie Brook love. After attending a seminar I shared my ‘cancer thriver with long term jacked up-ness’ story with Marjorie. It took about 2 seconds for her to invite me back to their room where Marjorie worked her ‘special brand of magic’ on my neck scar and jaw. After 16 1/2 years, I can once again feel cold and heat on my neck. My nagging left SI joint is now happy. I can speak like a ‘normal’ person. My face is thinner. My nose is back to the center of my face. My sinuses are clear. I can HEAR out of my right ear (had no idea I wasn’t hearing well out of that ear for 16 years). In short, Marjorie changed my life. Excuse me while I go bawl like a big ol’ baby . . . Again. If you or anyone you love (or even remotely care about) needs scar tissue work, Marjorie is the one to see.” Karen Rossler, Washington D.C.


Marjorie works with all ages and professions (from the corporate desk bound to serious athletes).  Issues such as breast reconstruction/implants/reductions, childhood injuries, C-sections and all surgeries, no matter the age of the scar (3 months to 50 years old)  can be released. Utilizing the S.T.R.A.I.T. Method, she is able to focus on releasing restricted tissues Scar Tissueto restore full range of motion and eliminating pain and congestion in the body. Marjorie’s private practice is located on Long Island and she travels throughout the US, Europe & Canada  sharing her work so others can learn this beneficial technique.
A previous client with arthritis in both shoulders came for treatment once she had tried all other types of therapy ranging from shots, exercises and acupuncture. She had this to say about Marjorie’s scar tissue work:


“I did not know that my life was about to change. I went to a vascular specialist and an acupuncturist, neither could alleviate my pain. Then I met Marjorie. Marjorie saw the condition of my leg and explained to me about scar tissue therapy and how it worked. She concentrated on my leg during the first massage and I was amazed at the immediate results. The pain had subsided and it was easier to walk. After a year of coming every other week I am completely pain free. The results of her treatment changed my life. Not only for my leg but because of the overall stress relieving therapeutic experience. This therapy was the best gift I ever received!” Donna Tally, Long Island, NY

Marjorie Brook, International Educator, Therapist, Author and creator of the STRAIT MethodTM is one of the most dynamic instructors in the manual therapy world today. Leaving the high-pressure, low fulfillment world of network television, Marjorie found her calling in health and wellness. Forever the innovator, Marjorie began blending some of the most proven and successful therapeutic techniques, eventually developing her own system for alleviating the trauma caused by scar tissue and fascial issues. Seeing a void in materials and information concerning proper stretching Marjorie released Flexibility First: A Fitness Approach for Life. Two series of stretching manuals which provide easy user-friendly guides for stretching oneself and clients to achieve balance throughout the body. Included are protocols for working with major diseases and injuries. A sought-after speaker, consultant and practitioner, Marjorie’s seminars have received glowing reviews from attendees of all experience levels. Her articles have been featured in Massage Today (USA), Massage World (UK) and American Fitness Magazine. Scar tissue is one of the most common, yet perplexing issues faced by massage therapists and other healing professionals. While several methods may work around the problem, Marjorie Brook will show you how to clear scar tissue with instant results.

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