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Sexual Health Urinary Health – Pelvic Floor

Sexual Health and Urinary Health – Pelvic Fitness

Men: Learn about your “netherlands” – command central for your sexual health…. with Dr. Andrew Siegel author of

Male Pelvic Fitness – Optimizing Sexual and Urinary Health

The pelvic floor muscles – the “hidden jewels” of the pelvis that work diligently behind the scenes – are a vital partner to the male sexual organs, whose collaboration is an absolute must for optimal sexual functioning    …..

Dr. Andrew Siegel on Best In Health Radio Sexual health from the pelvic floor….Dr. Andrew Siegel,is a practicing physician and urological surgeon who is the author of:


Yes…Real Men Do Kegel Exercises for their sexual health too………

Major Highlights of our interview with Dr. Siegel:

  • Penis Size, the Physics & Physiology of an Erection
  • Male Sexual Health
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
  • Getting into shape
  • Pelvic floor health  Pilates Kegel exercises for sexual performance
  • Pelvic floor muscle training for improving ejaculation and orgasm…Her Pleasure too!
  • Pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Pelvic floor training – levator ani muscle – not part of mirror musclesmale pelvic fitness Best In Health Radio
  • “My penis is shrinking!”
  • Ageing and keeping an erection
  • Post Void Dribbling
  • Bowel function
  • Viagra and other Medications for erectile dysfunction
  • 4 lines of treatment (hierarchy)  for erectile dysfunction
  • penile implants
  • Erectile Saboteurs…..tobacco, medications (blood pressure medications, anti depressants) alcohol. excess body fat
  • Erectile dysfunction and heart disease – The penis as the “Dangling Aorta”
  • Prostate health  PSA test, prostate surgery keeping sexual function
  • Kidney cancer…..being proactive finding kidney cancer
  • My Private Gym – specialized tool for strengthening Pelvic muscles…”Penis 90X”
  • Resistance program for the penis
  • medical penile vibratory stimulation device….building your erections “male vibrator”…prescribed for many forms of male sexual dysfunction
  • Pelvic Myalgia – Tension Myalgia, genital, urinary and rectal pain
  • Keeping Your Mojo….health sexual and urinary ageing



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Join us and learn from Dr. Andrew Siegel – always fun, entertaining and packed with learning. By respecting the pelvic floor, we can truly maximize enjoyment of life!

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