Stroke Prevention: June is Stroke Awareness

Stroke Prevention:  Save a Life – Know the Signs of a Stroke

#1 Rule of stroke prevention and stroke recovery: You have less than 3 hours to get to an emergency room to be administered tPA (tissue plasminogen activator), a clot busting IV medication to help minimize the long-term effects of stroke and improve recovery outcomes.
Stroke prevention for stroke awareness month on Best In Health RadioDr. Anita Madan is a neurologist and expert on stroke rehabilitation and management at the Assistive Technology Clinic located at Baycrest Hospital and Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto, Ontario. Listen with us – stroke prevention can save a life – yours or a loved one.



Heart & Stroke foundation of Canada –  Stroke is the 4th leading cause of death in Canada, part of the National Stroke Association:   80% of strokes are preventable
 C-SPIN – Canadian Stroke Prevention Intervention Network:

Every 10 minutes a Canadian suffers a stroke, resulting in over 50,000 strokes each year.

Approximately 25% of these strokes cause death within the first year and a further 35 % are disabling. And….A recent insight in clinical neurology estimates that even more patients may suffer from silent (covert) strokes which can lead to cognitive impairment and dementia

Points of Discussion with Dr. Madan:
  • 2 types of strokes…ischemic stroke & Bleeding from the brain
  • Signs of a stroke…TIA Trans Ischemic Attack
  • Strokes are preventable
  • high blood pressure
  • Diabetes, diabetic nerve damage
  • The effects of high blood sugar and insulin
  • tPA – The urgency of calling 911, getting to the emergency for you or a loved one immediately…clot busting!
  • smoking – nicotine and blood pressure
  • Effects of alcohol on the brain
  • Why even moderate drinkers have strokes 5 years earlier (studies)
  • Cancer and strokes – heightened alert
  • Stroke spasticity
  • Stroke Prevention starts when we are younger
  • Exercise and nutrition
  • Exercise for stroke recovery
  • Being an advocate for someone recovering from a stroke
  • The Assistive Technology Clinic, Baycrest Hospital Toronto, Ontario Canada
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