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Prevent Cancer health and fitness webinars for cancer recovery and cancer prevention

Living a Life to Prevent Cancer – Webinar

Prevent Cancer – The Healthiest Lifestyle of All

Join us for this 4 hour webinar, learning the many ways to prevent cancer. Cancer is a gene mutation. As healthy a lifestyle we believe we are living – know the hidden saboteurs, according to latest research. The webinar is divided into 2 hours, on 2 evenings.

Next webinar: November 2: 8-10 p.m. eastern     November 9:  8-10 p.m. p.m. eastern.

Live, interactive, participate, ask questions, learn with people from around the world

*** This webinar is open to the general public, and as a continuing education credit  for the Cancer Exercise Specialist  designation from the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. *****

Living a Life to Prevent Cancer is the Healthiest Lifestyle of All

Living a Life to Prevent Cancer Live interactive webinar


Many of the basic strategies to cancer prevention are key in prevention to many of our chronic illnesses.

The same triggers that cause a gene to mutate, are at the root of many of today’s common illnesses including heart disease, depression, Alzheimer’s, arthritis……many of these triggers come from easily modifiable lifestyle choices. Create an inner biology hostile to cancer, to prevent cancer.

Webinar Outline:


Understanding Studies and Research

“Science is not a body of facts, Science is a method for deciding whether what we choose to believe has a basis in the laws of nature or not. We live in an age when all manner of scientific knowledge—from climate change to vaccinations—faces furious opposition.”

How to make our own decisions. We present the research and statements of many respected studies and cancer institutions. But we learn studying science, even facts accepted as “engraved in stone” are still challenged.

What is Cancer

  • Understanding cancer at the cellular level –
  • Understanding why our world is cancer friendly
  • Feed healthy cells starve cancer cells – creating a inner biology hostile to cancer
  • The genetics of cancer:  heredity vs. acquired (somatic)
  • Genetic testing and counselling ….points to consider making the decision.
  • The “heredity” of lifestyle choices

Our world of inflammation and oxidative stress

  • Physiological stress
  • Oxidative stress
  • Endocrine Disruptors
  • Mutagens
  • Carcinogens
  • Viruses and bacteria
  • Identifying culprits in our every day life
  • Optimizing our immune system against the constant bombardment

Exercise…. The Magic

  • Your BFF in life…..Your muscle mass
  • Exercise and physical activity
  • Sedentary is the new smoking
  • Elements of a complete exercise program
  • Research and data on exercise and cancer prevention and cancer recovery


  • Why are there so many differing opinions on a healthy diet?
  • A healthy digestive track…Lessons from ancient medicines and naturopathy proven in science
  • The macro and the micro, antioxidants, detoxification
  • Feeding Cancer Cells
  • Research on anti cancer foods
  • Our food supply under sabotage
  • Supplementation

From Stress to Laughter

  • The chemistry of stress
  • Research on common everyday stressors and impact on health and cancer
  • Physiological Stress
  • Common Methods of reducing stress – creating more physiological stress

Working with our Health Care Professionals. 

  • Being a proactive patient
  • The world of Integrative Medicine – Its about time
  • Diagnostics vs. Proactive
  • Developing our Cancer IQ – passing on Healthy Lifestyle Heredity to our families


Webinar Cost $50. Includes:

  • 4 hour webinar
  • Course Workbook
  • Online coaching followup at 50% savings
  • Complimentary Copy of I Am With You

Email to register, or directly via paypal



Register here on Paypal for the general public. For those registering as continuing education credits please register  at http://thecancerspecialist.net/events/ part I & II  under ceu for professionals

Dr. Radio: Exercise in Cancer Recovery/Prevention

Dr. Radio:  Shira Litwack Interview with  Dr. Jonathan Whiteson,  NYU on Sirius XM

Feb. 29, 2016: Dr. Radio interviews Shira Litwack on Dr. Jonathan Whiteson’s show, Rehabilitative medicine on cancer exercise – cancer prevention and cancer recovery, the latest research.

Dr. Radio – “Real doctors helping real people. Powered by NYU Langone Medical Center.”

Shira & Dr. Whiteson discuss:

  • Medical Exercise
  • Our world of Endocrine Disruptors contributing to Cancer
  • The Many Roles of Exercise
  • The validation and scientific acceptance of the right exercise in cancer recovery
  • Cancer Prevention with Exercise
  • Designing a complete exercise program as part of cancer recovery

It is always compulsory to get permission from the supervising health care professional – whether it be a family doctor, oncologist, naturopath, to participate in a cancer exercise program, as with any complimentary therapy.

Exercise for cancer recovery needs modifications from a regular exercise program. A program will vary based on many factors, including:

  • Type of Cancer
  • Type of Treatment
  • Stage of Recovery
  • Guidance of Health Care Professional


Dr. Radio - Shira Litwack, Industry Expert Cancer Exercise Interviewed
Living a Life to Prevent Cancer Live Interactive webinar

Shira Litwack, Industry Expert Cancer Exercise, Director of International Relations for the Cancer Exercise Training Institute will be leading a 4 hour interactive webinar

Living a Life to Prevent Cancer

We will be learning in great detail the latest research on cancer prevention and cancer recovery, citing over 50 studies.

Please join us. This program is open to the general public and qualifies as continuing education credits for the Cancer Exercise Specialist  certification of the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. Please contact Shira for more details and registration. Shira@BestInHealthRadio.com

Next Course Dates:

Part 1: May 24, 8-10 pm Eastern Time Zone and

Part 2: May 31, 8-10 pm Eastern Time Zone


Dr. Jonathan Whiteson interviews Shira Litwack on Sirius XM Radio Dr. Radio – Rehabilitative Medicine. First aired on Sirius channel 110 March 1, 2016







Exercise and Cancer – Both Art and Science

Exercise and Cancer Recovery

Exercise and Cancer? Unfortunately most people do not associate the two – but the truth is the right exercise is key in cancer prevention and cancer recovery.

It is well known that exercise through its many functions in weight management, circulation, immune system optimization…exercise is one of our best bffs in cancer prevention. There is no question cancer is a dreaded diagnosis – however a feeling of power and control vs. helplessness takes center stage in disease recovery.

Exercise and Cancer BestInHealthRadio.comIts not just about keeping busy. Its about knowing that we are taking active participation and control in our recovery. Exercise provides great psychological and physiological command in cancer recovery. Exercise and cancer treatments are true compatriots. The challenge here is exercise requirements are very different for different cancers, and different cancer treatments. And where the skill of the cancer exercise specialist comes in is the individual’s response to treatment. This can really make the difference in how well the body responds to treatment. Unfortunately, people tend to think exercise is exercise.

Albeit physical activity is always welcome and stimulates circulation, exercise demands need to be honed. The fitness program for cancer recovery is not only designed for activity, but it is also equally designed for rest. Many cancer patients have a very difficult time getting true rest. A good fitness plan to accompany cancer treatment assures good rest. Choosing the right type of exercise which also engages relaxation techniques (an equal partner to cardio respiratory, strength & stretching), encourages a deeper sleep. Sleep aids and supplements can either be very short lived, or have potentially nasty drug interactions with other treatment medications.

Exercise and Cancer Health Coaching on Best In health RadioCancer treatments themselves such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery can dramatically decrease exercise strength and motivation. Therefore, the FITT (frequency, intensity, time, type)of the exercise program has to be carefully planned to support treatment. Certain cancer treatments, especially those used to treat childhood cancers, can have negative long term effects on the heart and lungs. The carefully chosen exercise protocol can help lessen long term side effects of treatment.

Recovery from Surgery: There are certain postural issues that arise after surgery (mastectomy) and lymph node dissections, and the complexities are compounded with reconstruction and radiation. Serious postural implications, muscular imbalances and tightness are the norm here, again compounded by followup treatments such as chemotherapy & radiation. Unfortunately, most people unknowingly add to muscular imbalances with training ( I see personal trainers do this too!) Postural deviations are not just about aesthetics, they can lead to chronic pain, balance issues which can lead to balance issues and increase the risk of falling and injury. Regular postural assessments and checks for muscular imbalances are a necessary component of cancer exercise training.

Cardio respiratory training can be a cancer patients path to rebuilding stamina and combatting fatigue and depression, endorphins are magical for all of us. However, yes for some cancers we need to really assure keeping body fat percentage in check. Other cancers, weight loss is a serious threat – so again we need to find that balance depending on type of cancer, treatment, and response to treatment.

Muscle cachexia is a serious threat to many cancer patients due to treatment, poor nutrient absorption due to compromised digestive capabilities. Choosing exercises that increase flexibility, preserve even encourage muscle hypertrophy, helps people with strength, sugar uptake (excess sugar in the bloodstream is lethal for cancer recovery)and of course enables people to continue with their functional demands.

Exercise is cancer treatments best partner. Worthy of its own article is the ability of again the right exercise to help treatments target the cancer cells, and preserve the healthy cells. Exercise enabling cancer treatment is truly an area worthy of the word infinite, and the even better news – more good news on this partnership is discovered regularly. The right treatment, dosage though, is front and center.

Bloating -Minimize Destress Prevent Cancer

Bloating….How many ways do we despise you….let us count the ways

Bloating…..after a great workout….really? You take off your clothes for that blissful shower, and the euphoria comes crashing down because that endorphinated workout gave you a bloated belly? That 6 months pregnant look was great  when we knew the reward was a baby, but that’s not the look we’re after now. All we can think is  $#*#^<$????? what did I do to deserve this?

Bloating and cancer?

Ballooning, belly bloat….let’s be honest is perhaps one of our greatest frustrations. We try to eat right, exercise, we’re health conscious – and this just seems  “not fair”. We just don’t know when it strikes, and of course it always seems to be the worse possible time – because the truth is its never welcome and makes us think, what did I do wrong.

Reduce Bloating for your Best Health Best In Health Radio
Controlling Bloating as part of balancing our Inner ecosystem

True, bloating can happen for hormonal reasons, digestive issues, allergies & intolerances….. but putting these aside – let’s take a look at every day activities that can make us crazy. The great news is, by adjusting these bloaty habits, we can also physiologically Destress our lives and…the kingpin of all…….help prevent cancer. Let’s remember that all of us have cancerous cells, and the goal of good health is to create an inner biology that starves and shuts down mutated cells (cancerous) and promotes the reproduction of healthy cells.

Not breathing Properly:

This might sound far too simple, but most people do not breathe properly, especially while exercising. “Valsalva”  (holding our breath) during exercise cheats our exercise by driving up blood pressure, deprives our exercising muscles of vital oxygen and  can lead to headaches, even strokes. The Valsalva maneuver can happen in any day to day strenuous activities including bowel movements & childbirth. The  valsalva builds air pressure adding extra force to the activity, which is why we do it unknowingly,  however, it is potentially deadly. An exerting muscle denied of oxygen  cannot accomplish the desired gains….Breath holding & hyperventilation (rapid shallow breathing causing more exhalation of carbon dioxide than inhaled) both lead to bloating, intense physiological stress, and cancer cells can survive a lack of oxygen much better than healthy cells.


Most of us do not drink enough water, or we drink most of our water with meals…which is actually when we should drink less water. Our bodies hold on to water with the threat of dehydration. During exercise, we lose water to sweat, water is forced out of of the kidneys and liver, causing bloat. Drinking water regulates sodium levels and regulates bowel movements. However, I feel compelled to mention here Hyponatremia (low salt levels from dehydration or over hydration causing an imbalance (dilution)  of electrolytes) is a serious threat to cancer patients. Cancer fatigue, common in cancer recovery, is seriously worsened by dehydration….the right amount of hydration and balance of electrolytes is important to all  and yes to cancer recovery.

An even slightly dehydrated body produces more of our stress hormone cortisol. One of the very first ways to come out of a stressful situation is to deep breathe, and rehydrate.

A dehydrated body provides an inner biology where normal cells can not survive, but cancer cells may continue to thrive. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in Physiology for his findings:

Normal cells cannot live without oxygen, cancer cells can thrive without oxygen. Water transports oxygen to the cells, and is responsible for ridding the body of toxins. Toxic build up can cause damage to the DNA and ultimately mutant cells.

A healthy body is slightly more alkali. As a body dehydrates it becomes more acidic – which again is more favorable to cancer formation.

Dehydration suppresses the immune system, and the production of white blood cells (major fighter of cancer cells)  in the bone marrow. We cannot prevent cancer without our immune power.

Bloating ...not just about comfort and aesthetics but also our health
Medical Exercise/ cancer exercise training

Exercise for cancer recovery  & the go forward prevention of metastases is NOT the same as exercise for fat loss, body building – there are a number of differences that must be respected to reap the rewards of cancer exercise training, and not create unknowingly an inner biology that fuels cancer growth. Exercise is a vital necessity to cancer recovery, but can be a source of oxidative stress.

Look into digestive disorders- get checked out and eliminate this possibility. As we all know many digestive disorders are emceed by bloating. And certain digestive disorders can lead to cancer. Example: the H Pylori bacteria – unknown to many of us – we are hosting this bacteria in our gut. It can cause many  uncomfortable symptoms – however it has now been linked to gastric cancers. There is an increased risk of colorectal cancers in those with Crohn’s. People with celiac who do not eat a gluten free diet run a great risk of certain lymphomas and gastric cancers. It is estimated 80% of those with celiac go undiagnosed. And yes, celiac can cause tremendous abdominal bloating.

Belly bloat can be something simple & temporary, but it can also be a sign of many illnesses, including a number of cancers and digestive disorders. It is never for any of us to diagnose ourselves. It is a really good idea to track when we bloat – what we have been eating, our activities, find patterns…..This information provides important data, but never come to conclusions and diagnose ourselves. I personally believe we all need a good M.D. and N.D., both can provide vital insights into health.

But hey, if we can destress, banish bloating  & prevent cancer – we provide ourselves a trifecta of good health, energy and happiness.