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What Is Cancer? Our Cellular HTML

What is Cancer? Think of it as a virus to our cellular HTML

What is  Cancer – No – Life does not cause cancer as some think.  This thought often engrains a sense of helplessness within. The truth is, if we understand what cancer is, it helps us better understand prevention – give ourselves control and motivation…

A life to prevent cancer is a life to prevent all of our chronic illnesses, and infuses us with energy & power.   Think of cancer as a virus that has messed with the HTML of or cell’s genetic code.

Take a look at a beautiful website – say this one…..behind every beautiful site is HTML HyperText Markup Language, the “mother tongue” of our web browsers. Behind our being, is genetic code that dictates every cell of who we are. If we have one wrong little character in the HTML of our website it can completely destroy the function of that website. Well, the same is true for our genetic code.

What Is Cancer Health Coaching Best In Health RadioNow, what is cancer? Cancer is a genetic mutation, something has reprogrammed the HTML of that cell. That cell is now reproducing incorrectly.  If our ecosystem is unable to shut that cell down, there is trouble. If our ecosystem is not optimized, the genetic saboteur is allowed to reproduce, and that deadly coding is reproduced. Here lies the problem why people think “life causes cancer”….

In our “advanced” world….we have created thousands of potential mutagens to destroy cell stability

Our bodies are a wonderland. Wonderland has an inner ecosystem that like any ecosystem needs to be kept in balance.  Chinese medicine describes our flow of Qi. Without the flow of Qi, our life’s force, the ecosystem is jolted out of balance.

We live in a world that is constantly bombarding our ecosystem.  Many times we are responsible for that attack: smoking, poor food choices, lack of physical activity…. And many times we do not know we are exposed to attacks on that biochemical terrain. Enter illness and disease.

Cancer is thought to be only 5-10% genetic. The rest is lifestyle, however, as mentioned above, our lifestyles consist of unknown as well as known carcinogens…..exposures that cause a cell to mutate.

Now……how magical are the powers of the right exercise? Exercise and nutrition are our body guards. When carcinogens attack, by empowering our body with the strongest possible biochemical terrain, one that is totally inhospitable to mutagens, we are able to fight the attacker and win.

Attackers (aka carcinogens and pathogens):

Certain chemicals (in our food, in our air, in our meds, in our soils……..)

Viruses and bacteria

Geophysical exposures, radiation

Hormonal imbalances…..including our big wide world of phytoestrogens endocrine disrupters

Some nasty lifestyle choices: smoking, sitting, poor food choices, stress, alcohol….

Our body depends on us to supply it with sustenance to empower the ecosystem

Nutrition…the right exercise optimizes our digestive system for absorption of the good and destruction of the bad


Physical activity


Minimize exposure to carcinogens, mutagens, pathogens

When the body is unable to fight intruders, that is when the biochemical terrain allows mutated cells, aka cancer cells, to reproduce…and reproduce……until “we have cancer”. It is believed that everyone of us have cancerous cells lurking within, our goal is that we have the defences to shut down those cells, or force what is called aptosis – cell suicide.

Front and center to the body’s defences are our immune and circulatory systems.

What is Cancer: Medical Exercise Health Coaching Best In Health RadioOur immune system is a pumpless system.  In other words, it can produce all of the wonderful superheroes in the world (lymphocytes, macrophages, neutrophils, immunoglobins….) but if there is no pumping action from our muscles, or no muscles, the immune system can’t do its job.

Exercise is imperative for optimizing our body’s performance. Every study shows us that exercise and physical activity are an absolute necessity for every organ system of the body, and a necessity, dare I say the “managing partner” to integrative oncology.

Exercise is vital to the destruction of cancer at every level:

Prevention: enabling the body to kill those intrusions, to build a strong inner ecosystem

Management: make it through treatment, minimizing risks of side effects of treatment, fighting fatigue, and many studies tell us help better respond to treatment, building back musculoskeletal challenges created by the cancer and the treatment.

Prevention of recurrence. Rebuilding and equipping the immune system

A topic for another article is exercise at the cellular level, which is vital for prevention, recovery, and prevention of recurrence….and anti aging and anti all of our chronic illnesses….the real science geek, yes, however, this really helps us understand cancer prevention & management.

Let’s summarize…..

What is cancer? Cancer occurs because their has been a genetic mutation, a change to the genetic code. The body has been attacked..the body needs to fight the attacker.

  • The right exercise enables the body to fight that invasion, through it’s many magical ways, some known, and we still have many ways yet to discover.
  • Food Choices are critical in either feeding or destroying cancer cells
  • Being aware of environmental exposures, choices
  • Eliminating oxidative stressors
  • Lifestyle choices

yes….much is within our control

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Bloating -Minimize Destress Prevent Cancer

Bloating….How many ways do we despise you….let us count the ways

Bloating…..after a great workout….really? You take off your clothes for that blissful shower, and the euphoria comes crashing down because that endorphinated workout gave you a bloated belly? That 6 months pregnant look was great  when we knew the reward was a baby, but that’s not the look we’re after now. All we can think is  $#*#^<$????? what did I do to deserve this?

Bloating and cancer?

Ballooning, belly bloat….let’s be honest is perhaps one of our greatest frustrations. We try to eat right, exercise, we’re health conscious – and this just seems  “not fair”. We just don’t know when it strikes, and of course it always seems to be the worse possible time – because the truth is its never welcome and makes us think, what did I do wrong.

Reduce Bloating for your Best Health Best In Health Radio
Controlling Bloating as part of balancing our Inner ecosystem

True, bloating can happen for hormonal reasons, digestive issues, allergies & intolerances….. but putting these aside – let’s take a look at every day activities that can make us crazy. The great news is, by adjusting these bloaty habits, we can also physiologically Destress our lives and…the kingpin of all…….help prevent cancer. Let’s remember that all of us have cancerous cells, and the goal of good health is to create an inner biology that starves and shuts down mutated cells (cancerous) and promotes the reproduction of healthy cells.

Not breathing Properly:

This might sound far too simple, but most people do not breathe properly, especially while exercising. “Valsalva”  (holding our breath) during exercise cheats our exercise by driving up blood pressure, deprives our exercising muscles of vital oxygen and  can lead to headaches, even strokes. The Valsalva maneuver can happen in any day to day strenuous activities including bowel movements & childbirth. The  valsalva builds air pressure adding extra force to the activity, which is why we do it unknowingly,  however, it is potentially deadly. An exerting muscle denied of oxygen  cannot accomplish the desired gains….Breath holding & hyperventilation (rapid shallow breathing causing more exhalation of carbon dioxide than inhaled) both lead to bloating, intense physiological stress, and cancer cells can survive a lack of oxygen much better than healthy cells.


Most of us do not drink enough water, or we drink most of our water with meals…which is actually when we should drink less water. Our bodies hold on to water with the threat of dehydration. During exercise, we lose water to sweat, water is forced out of of the kidneys and liver, causing bloat. Drinking water regulates sodium levels and regulates bowel movements. However, I feel compelled to mention here Hyponatremia (low salt levels from dehydration or over hydration causing an imbalance (dilution)  of electrolytes) is a serious threat to cancer patients. Cancer fatigue, common in cancer recovery, is seriously worsened by dehydration….the right amount of hydration and balance of electrolytes is important to all  and yes to cancer recovery.

An even slightly dehydrated body produces more of our stress hormone cortisol. One of the very first ways to come out of a stressful situation is to deep breathe, and rehydrate.

A dehydrated body provides an inner biology where normal cells can not survive, but cancer cells may continue to thrive. In 1931 Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in Physiology for his findings:

Normal cells cannot live without oxygen, cancer cells can thrive without oxygen. Water transports oxygen to the cells, and is responsible for ridding the body of toxins. Toxic build up can cause damage to the DNA and ultimately mutant cells.

A healthy body is slightly more alkali. As a body dehydrates it becomes more acidic – which again is more favorable to cancer formation.

Dehydration suppresses the immune system, and the production of white blood cells (major fighter of cancer cells)  in the bone marrow. We cannot prevent cancer without our immune power.

Bloating ...not just about comfort and aesthetics but also our health
Medical Exercise/ cancer exercise training

Exercise for cancer recovery  & the go forward prevention of metastases is NOT the same as exercise for fat loss, body building – there are a number of differences that must be respected to reap the rewards of cancer exercise training, and not create unknowingly an inner biology that fuels cancer growth. Exercise is a vital necessity to cancer recovery, but can be a source of oxidative stress.

Look into digestive disorders- get checked out and eliminate this possibility. As we all know many digestive disorders are emceed by bloating. And certain digestive disorders can lead to cancer. Example: the H Pylori bacteria – unknown to many of us – we are hosting this bacteria in our gut. It can cause many  uncomfortable symptoms – however it has now been linked to gastric cancers. There is an increased risk of colorectal cancers in those with Crohn’s. People with celiac who do not eat a gluten free diet run a great risk of certain lymphomas and gastric cancers. It is estimated 80% of those with celiac go undiagnosed. And yes, celiac can cause tremendous abdominal bloating.

Belly bloat can be something simple & temporary, but it can also be a sign of many illnesses, including a number of cancers and digestive disorders. It is never for any of us to diagnose ourselves. It is a really good idea to track when we bloat – what we have been eating, our activities, find patterns…..This information provides important data, but never come to conclusions and diagnose ourselves. I personally believe we all need a good M.D. and N.D., both can provide vital insights into health.

But hey, if we can destress, banish bloating  & prevent cancer – we provide ourselves a trifecta of good health, energy and happiness.